Live an exquisite gastronomic experience, from the hand of our Chef Dani Bogunyà and his team

Burst of sensations

“Gastronomy, as well as other artistic disciplines, is considered an art. The art of taste, of combining tonalities, of inspiring those who observe it and of delighting the palate to evoke memories that will last over time. The good choice of product, technique and creativity, will turn it into a unique and unrepeatable piece” A.B.H


Be impressed!

With the help of our chef, Dani Bogunyà and his kitchen team, you will live a Mediterranean gastronomic experience with ethnic touches, based on traditional cuisine, updated and modernized.


Good quality product!

The culinary proposals incorporate healthy menus; live cooking and experiential cuisine, always taking into account current gastronomic trends.

Mas de Sant LLeí, has all the parameters required by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

If you approach the stove of the venue, you can see where we cook all the gastronomic proposals.

Mas de Sant LLeí, has its own kitchen. Recently renovated. Come to the kitchen, where the ideas of our chef and his kitchen team are cooked.

Mini hamburguesas bodas barcelona Mas de Sant Lleí
Mini huevos fritos Mas de Sant Lléi Bodas Barcelona