Celebrate your dream wedding surrounded by history, nature, romance and poetry

“History is the novel of the facts, and the nivel is the history of feelings”

L. Adrien.

History tells that the house owes its name to the French bishop Sant LLeí, knight in the armies of the descendants of Carlo Magno who, in return for his deeds, was rewarded with these lands which he named after his name.

The first written news of the house takes us back to the Middle Ages, in the year 1129, when Rolando de Sant LLeí and his family donated part of the land to the Abbot of Sant Cugat. Years later, the house belonged to Berenguer de Sant LLeí, and later passed into the hands of the Marques family, high dignitaries of the Crown of Aragón, who ran the house, its lands and the castle for more than a century. The house then had a small hermitage annexed, which was demolished in 1450 to join its dependencies to the part of the house.

In the Napoleonic wars, the Mas was a fortress, where the noble families of the region, were protected from the Napoleonic armies. Over the centuries, the house and its lands were owned by different lords as the result of inheritance, donations and sales, becoming a farmhouse for crops and farming. In 1887, the owners, the Counts of Reus, transformed part of the farmhouse into a stately home, respecting part of the traditional structure and displaying an exquisite taste.

The farmhouse, dating from the twelfth century, is cataloged cultural interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya on October 11, 1994, located in a protected natural park and with spectacular panoramic views in all its surroundings, from Montserrat to the Tagamanent.

Its 40 hectares of land and 30,000 m2 of gardens, the place is suitable for your dream wedding, private party, in the nature, surrounded by history, romance, poetry and elegance.

Mas de Sant Lleí bodas barcelona historia de la masía
HIstoria del Mas de Sant Lléi fuente bodas barcelona