Multicultural Weedings

Wedding Destination

Mas de Sant LLeí is one of the most charming estates in the province of Barcelona. Only 15 minutes from the city, is located in a protected natural park, with spectacular views of the surroundings. This exceptional environment, located near the town of Vilanova del Vallès, treasures many years of experience in the sector of wedding banquets and events of all kinds.

Since the farm opened its doors in 2002, couples from all over the world have chosen to celebrate their wedding in Mas de Sant LLeí, which has witnessed ceremonies of many races and creeds: Hindus, Pakistanis, Chinese, Jews, Muslims, Africans, European, American, Iranian… just to name a few. While it is true that some couples have preferred a more conventional ceremony, others have specifically chosen their services and this property, because they were looking for an exclusive environment in which they could plan the celebration in detail according to their origins. They were attracted by a special environment, full of charm, surrounded by nature, near the city of Barcelona and with several hotels in the vicinity.

For those who want their country to have a central role in their wedding, Mas de Sant LLeí offers a comprehensive orientation on the organization of the event, which includes food and drink, decoration, entertainment and music, menus, the ceremony and a long list of details which can be customized to suit each of the different cultures. A good organization is very important in multicultural weddings and Mas de Sant LLeí has a professional team highly committed and passionate about the events they organize. Every day they work to offer the best results for couples who have chosen to celebrate their wedding in this magnificent property of the twelfth century, surrounded by history, romance, exquisite details and elegance. The beauty of Mas de Sant LLeí is reinforced by the essence and majesty of a celebration of love.

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