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Meet Jordi Plancheria

Born in Barcelona, Jordi started his professional career at a very early stage surrounded by bonfires and coffees at Ca La Pagesa, his family-owned restaurant. His grandparents and parents were a great example of dedication and professionality.

His grandmother taught him all about Catalan cuisine and his grandfather, the knowledge of farm-to-table products. His parents taught him how to cultivate a sophisticated customer service. This inherited knowledge and passion guided his impulse to become a chef: he graduated in cooking management from the CETT-UB school of hotel management and tourism in Barcelona, and reached his master’s degree in high-level gastronomy, executive and creative cuisine.

He enjoyed a good time living and working at l’Empordà, to expand his knowledge in product and avant-garde cuisine in different Michelin-star restaurants.

Then he came back to Barcelona where he practiced his cuisine abilities in several restaurants, to join finally Mas de Sant LLeí’s team as the executive chef.

Creative process

“My early gastronomic memories are built upon childhood sensations from my family culinary roots, which are my first source of inspiration. Thus my gastronomic creations combine tradition and avant-garde cuisine acquired in my training through my insatiable curiosity.

I did my best to create an encyclopedia of flavours, inspired on my infant environment, the culinary travel inspiration, training, haute cuisine techniques, and a strict personal selection of top quality natural products. Another characteristic of my gastronomic style includes finishing every dish with an impeccable and modern presentation.”

Gastronomía Bodas Barcelona
Gastronomía Bodas Barcelona