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Approaches by Daniel Bogunyá

Chef from Barcelona, 49 years old, has been in the gastronomic world for more than 25 years. He studied at the Muntaner school in Barcelona, three years of cooking studies. He has also worked as a trainer for students and for kitchen assistants. He is currently Executive Chef of Mas de Sant LLeí. Dedication and effort conjugated with knowledge, is one of the keys to success.

We can say that the goal of all your team and yours, is to develop a good culinary proposal and staging. Daniel presents us with a modern kitchen, self-taught and independent, in the search for new proposals always looking to introduce new proposals. Under the objective of being creative, he shows us a very visual and aesthetic proposal, but without distancing himself from reality. It is very important to never leave aside who we are going to, -he says. A good staging, a good product, but above all that the customer can easily recognize what is tasting. If we talk about traditional cuisine, it would be to talk about its cuisine, but with nuances, since it combines Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic touches. The four years he lived in the Caribbean have influenced his culinary conceptualization. In his culinary proposals he combines products from “La terra”, with products from other countries.

Currently the culinary influence is based on the native cuisine, without disguising flavours. Recognizing that, in the experience of the world of banquet, traditional tastes are the most accepted, flavours and titles of recognized dishes, that give confidence, always looking for visual impact with an excellent presentation. Being traditional does not mean you can be innovative or impact with tastes and presentation. The proposals must be satisfactory and to achieve this, it is important to clearly recognize the tastes of the client who hires us. What do you want? What do you expect? And meet expectations, and even overcome them.

Creative process


Through all the mental information of flavours, we get to synthesize thoughts to prepare the dishes and in that moment of creation, we try to create satisfactory and acceptable proposals for the greatest number of people. Decisions based on taste, colour, textures, materials, shapes… the creative process has to take into account many variables at the same time. The goal of our entire kitchen is customer satisfaction. The aperitif is a reference moment in the memory of the event and the memory mainly falls on the visual impact, as well as the taste and its nuances. The presentation supports are adapted to the type of gastronomy and we create fantasy, the materials have to be attractive and combine them with the product, and also operative.

Gastronomía Bodas Barcelona
Gastronomía Bodas Barcelona